West View Firemen's Bingo is a tradition at West View Banquet Hall

Paper bingo every Sunday and Wednesday (camera and four monitors). Bingo games played: regular bingo, diagonal bingo, four corners, big diamond only. Doors open 5:00 P.M. ( Kitchen open 5:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.). Fire bucket(s), horse race tickets, safari bingo, bonanza bingo, early birds 60 points, quickie bingo, lightening bingo, lucky seven bingo, all nighter bingo, crazy L bingo, instant tickets, four specials 150 points, regular games 100 points, door prizes, and Jackpot up to 1,000 points based on attendance.

West View Firemen's Bingo has an emergency backup generator system to insure that Bingo will go uninterrupted.

Closings due to inclement weather will be on KDKA TV Channel 2.

More information on West View Firemen's Bingo please call us at 412-931-7260